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Maxiloda specialises in the manufacture and sale of innovative stacking and space optimisation systems for the transport industry.

Our mission is to generate revolutionary products that assist in improving customer efficiencies and bottom line profits. Maxiloda systems originated from the demand to improve onboard load handling and storage within the transportation sector. The increasing focus that businesses have placed on supply chain optimisation presented Maxiloda with the challenge to design and manufacture system solutions which decrease logistics costs and increase efficiencies.

Backdrop this growing demand with worldwide governments striving to decrease carbon footprint and reduced emissions per tonne-km metric ... the result – Maxiloda’s revolutionary double stacking system! Operating since 2007, Maxiloda has a proud history of delivering high-quality, precision-engineered systems. The design has evolved through this period to systems with very low tare weight and high load carrying capacity, always with safety and ease of use being key aspects. Maxiloda is a privately owned company with its main office located in Hamilton, New Zealand. The strong growing interest in the company’s product solutions has led Maxiloda into international markets.

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