"TSI Logistics specialises in providing Foodstuffs South Island with the required transport logistics, delivering FMCG from distribution centres to over 160 Stories across the South Island Region.
We have worked with MaxiLoda Ltd since 2012 when their Rolling Double Stacking System was first installed in one of our Semi Trailers.
From that point we have continued acquiring more systems as our fleet has grown.
The Maxiloda system enables us to better utilise our trailers in Frozen, Chilled and Ambient areas.
The Maxiloda system has increased productivity and eliminated damages to product which previously was double stacked, improving throughput and efficiency.  
Using the system has meant we can be more flexible on the utilisation of the trailer for other applications.
I would highly recommend this system to other operators."

Carl Drew
Transport Manager
Foodstuffs South Island Ltd


"We have been using the Maxiloda system since 2013 in our two Semi trailer trucks operating at Foodstuff North Island in the business of delivering chilled and frozen goods. Since Maxiloda was fitted, the system has not only minimised product damage but also enabled drivers to maximise load capacity, hence saving on the time and effort needed to complete one job. 

Maxiloda is simple, user friendly and effective, reducing the turn around time tremendously. It is sturdy, made to last and strong, definitely good value for money and an excellent investment for any truck driver. We have never had any problems or failures with this product and highly recommend Maxiloda to all operators."

Kamal Prasad


"We have recently introduced the Maxiloda system into our fleet of refrigerated trailers. The ease of use was what really stood out from the rest. It is easy to assemble, robust, stores out of the way in the roof cavity and can be operated by one person.

We have increased our capacity to 52 pallets, while saving on loading and unloading time. Needless to say we can load from all facilities, without the need of having a fork lift entering the trailer.

I am really impressed with this system."

Chris Mooney
General Manager
Kam Transport (1989) LTD



"Linfox NZ has been using the Maxiloda rolling racking system for many years on quad trailers and also truck n trailers. 
Linfox has found this system to fit the purpose for the job well with minimal repairs and maintenance required even though the racking systems do high volume of work. 
Linfox staff found the system friendly to use and the system stores up the front of units well with minimal space required. 
The ease of the pallets to be rolled to the rear of the trailers for safe unloading even when we arrive at a customer’s site without the loading dock is a great time saver."

Glen Walker
Fleet Manager
Linfox NZ



"We presently are running four Maxi Quads. All are fitted with racking systems to enable us to maximise loading capacity. One unit is a Ancra Tyre System, the other three are Maxiloda. We find the Maxiloda superior in a number of areas, one being that we can load and rack without having to go into a docking situation which is very beneficial in a lot of cases. Another is the simplicity and fast turn around in loading and unloading as we all know time is money. To that I have full admiration for the Maxiloda system and we are currently looking at two more units which will have the Maxiloda systems installed."

Wayne Ferguson
Ferguson Holdings Limited



"We currently have three Reefer Trailers fitted with Maxiloda systems. Most nights at least one of the trailers requires doubling up. We find the Maxiloda system is easy to use and significantly reduces crushing and damaged product in the chilled units. We have also found Dave and his team very easy to deal with in the odd time we have required spare parts."

R J Dowdall
Crane and Cartage Ltd


"We have been using the Maxiloda system in our refrigerated quads and B/trains for three years now. It’s an easy, user friendly system to use with minimal time need to train new staff. The beams tuck away nicely up the back of trailers and are fast and simple to roll down and assemble by one person. We transport a lot of small orders consisting of small pallets which cannot be double stacked. The system has increased productivity and eliminated damages to product which previously was double stacked. The ease of use which enables drivers by themselves to roll pallets out to the rear of the trailer on the beams when delivering to customers sites who do not have dock ways has improved productivity and efficiency immensely. We have had no issues or product failure since installing the system and would highly recommend to other operators "

Cam Tennent
Fleet Manager
Weatherell Transport



"1. It is used in the transport of bulk fresh product such as chicken. We can maximise the cubic metre space without stacking fresh product to heights which cause crushing. This also enables us to use one vehicle for an order on a big day without having to put a second truck on.

2. It is used in the transporting of already picked orders, which can mean small orders on many pallets, which cannot be stacked on top of each other. So by using the double stacking we can double the amount of small pallet orders on the same trailer. The ability to be able to roll the top stacked pallets to the back of the trailer enables us to unload at a depot without docks or a shop with the forklift on the ground (no need for forklift to enter trailer).

Using the MaxiLoda Double Stacking System has allowed us to be more flexible and reduce product damage without impacting on the usability of the trailer for other applications."

Graham Ellis
Fleet Utilisation and Maintenance Manager
Route and Retail Distribution


"We have been using the Maxiloda system in two of our refrigerated semi-trailers for the past three years. It is easy to use, fast and efficient to assemble and has eliminated damage to product that we were previously doubling up. The system has increased productivity on our delivery routes which has resulted in efficiencies across our supply chain. The product is tough and built to last and I have found the product support very good. I would recommend this product."

John Baillie
Baillie Transport


"Using the MaxiLoda makes it so much quicker to get the pallets on and off. You simply just bring the shelves down. The Forklift comes in and loads it up. It's that simple. It has definitely cut the loading and unloading time out a hell of a lot."

Lance Povey
Truck Driver


"We have Maxiloda systems fitted in three of our semi-trailers working for Foodstuffs North Island.
Not only is the system popular with the drivers, it is fast and we have never had no issues with it.
We frequently carry up to 42 pallets using Maxiloda. This is a robust product with very good value for money."

Bipendra Ram

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