How much space?

You can literally double the number of pallets you can safely load because the top layer sits on rails above the bottom layer; and because the structure of the Maxiloda systems are smaller than other double loading options it means you can carry more pallets. However, it is important to consider the weight of your load before double stacking.

New or Retrofit?

The modular design of the Maxiloda double stacking systems mean they can be installed in brand new trucks for your fleet or retrofitted into existing trailer bodies.

What is involved with the Maxiloda Double Stacking Systems?

Our stacking systems are simple to assemble and disassemble. One person can easily handle the 10kg beams and they do not require any special tools; this guarantees faster loading and unloading cycle times. Maxiloda has specially trained installers to fit your Maxiloda system.

Will I still need a forklift and a loading dock?

Utilising a forklift and a pallet jack, one person can load and unload the trailer without a loading dock.

Which is best for my fleet, the Stored System or Drop-in System?

Whilst both systems offer the same features of double stacking, the Stored System occupies 100mm of space in the ceiling and 20mm on the trailer walls. On the other hand, the Drop-in System increases the available height of the load on the floor and the load on the rail overall by 100mm, as the beams are stored in the belly of the truck. Whilst this Drop-In system requires more manual labour as the beams need to be individually placed in the load rail by the operator, there are many applications where  customers have selected this system for the benefits it delivers relevant to their specific needs.

Are the Maxiloda Double Stacking Systems safe to use?

All of our systems are installed by trained professionals. The beams of the Maxiloda Stored System are fully enclosed by the track which is securely attached to the wall of the trailer. This means the beams can safely and securely be assembled and disassembled. Due to the low maximum weight of individual components, one person can easily handle the 10kg beams. The trolleys are positively locked in place (four locks per trolley, one in each corner) before transport. Please note it is important for your safety that you read your system-specific user manual before use to ensure correct operation.

How much will this system cost me?

Depending on your truck/trailer size and specifications along with your particular requirements, cost will vary, so contact us now for an accurate quote.  Provide us with your truck or trailer measurements, and the system you require. Click here to download information request form for a quote.

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