Stored System

The Maxiloda Stored System is a fully integrated double stacking system designed to be installed in hard sided trucks and trailers.

The Stored System allows you to safely double stack the load that your trailer can carry. One person can easily assemble the lightweight trolleys in as little as one minute and the system is conveniently stored out of the way when not in use. Because the beams move through a fully enclosed track (1-3), and are stored in the ceiling (5), the system is both safe and secure (remains inside the vehicle).

1. Load Rail
Trolley beams sit on load rail, allowing pallets to easily be rolled back and forth on the assembled trolleys in the horizontal plane.
2. Storage Rail
Trolley beams are stored in the overhead storage rail when the Maxiloda system isn’t in use, or when only some beams are required.
3. Safety Station
Provides safe and easy-to-use lowering of trolley beams during assembly operation.
4. Trolleys in Loaded Position
Trolley beams are joined with a bracing bar (two beams in each trolley assembly) to become a functioning trolley and moved into the loading position. The trolley is then loaded with pallets and can be moved forward in the vehicle to the desired position, and locked securely in place.
5. Trolleys in Storage Position
All the beams can be disassembled and moved into the overhead storage making the truck or trailer free from obstruction.

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bullet  No need for a loading or unloading dock
bullet  No need for a forklift rated floor
bullet  Dramatically reduces product and internal vehicle damage
bullet  Assembly only requires one person and takes just one minute
bullet  Grooves on the trolley make it ideal for freezer trucks and trailers
bullet  System is stored out of the way when not in use
bullet  Stacks your load twice as high; significantly reduces cost
bullet  The Maxiloda Stored System is fully integral and remains fitted inside the truck or trailer, meaning there are no loose parts!



bullet Weight:  500Kg / 15.6 metre Semi System
bullet Recommended bearing weight: 2000Kg per trolley (2 x 1000Kg pallet)
bullet Maximum individual component weight: 10Kg
bullet Maximum protruding distance (when stowed): 100mm Ceiling, 20mm Trailer Walls


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